Season 4 Episode 13: Only Way Out Is Through (And In)

s4e13 - Only Way Out Is Through (And In)
s4e13 – Only Way Out Is Through (And In)

With almost any endeavor, project, success or challenge, the only way out is often through it. And, the most elite leaders and team cultures are aligned with how they are committed to go through it and be IN it, together.

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1:47 – Jason introduces Season 4 episode 13 of the podcast. Welcome back to the podcast on corporate culture and leadership and thank you for listening. We engage thought leaders like CEOs, CFOs, managers, VPs, directors, and more for this podcast. We wish to create content that engages your mind and heart and allows you to step back and think and add some positivity to your life. This podcast is a discussion on leadership and teams and how many times with very hard decisions and times the only way out is through (and in).

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3:10 – We can’t control everything but what we can control is our response. Still a lot of work to do but wanted to remind the audience what is within our control is the temperature we create in the organizations and teams we work with. If you have a suggestion, please send it in to

3:54 – Oftentimes the only way out of something is by going through it. Jason shares his story working with Camp Akita in Columbus Ohio and the amazing work that was done during that time helping lead that organization.

5:42 – Jason talks about the La Vida trip that he took and leadership lessons learned while hiking the mountains with a class he was leading. During the trip the guides had to stop and took out a map and while shaking their heads they called over Jason to tell him that they made the wrong turn 2 hours back. They were faced with a decision to climb 2 mountains or go back 2 more hours to climb up the original mountain called White Face Mountain.

Show up to the work, understand the mission, and commit.

12:25 – Tom Brady has been a very successful athlete and playing 10 Super Bowls. A discussion of how Tom Brady prepares for his big Super Bowl game involves texting his teammates at all hours and constantly watching game film of his opponents analyzing tactics for the big game.

18:30 – Maybe you don’t want to go to such extremes as Tom Brady in your life for your work but the lesson is that along with all the preparation in the world, nothing is a guarantee. Tom Brady doesn’t always win every Super Bowl. What is it that we give our focus to? How do we prepare? What is our strategy? How do we approach the challenges and obstacles in front of us. We often need to throw ourselves into it. The only way out is through it.

20:31 – Jason tells a very personal story about his parents at the same time in two different hospital beds and how can they get through this? The only way through it is to be in it, to be there.

22:29 – Show up to the work, understand the mission, and commit. Jason talks about his second book, ReMember. How do we renew our memberships and focus on the people around us? Return to purpose and ask ourselves even during these tough times, what is our mission? Worth the listen here.

27:00 – A great summary of the episode and as the only way through it is in it.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. What challenges are you faced with right now?
  2. What is the focus, the prep, the next steps to help you get through it?
  3. On the road ahead, what does it look like to not just go through it but to be in it together?


Remember, the best teams take one step in front of the other. Sometimes we can’t get out of it but we can go through it. We got to be in it together.

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