Season 4 Episode 20: Struggle Engaging? You Might Be Languishing Or Dormant

Shows an old apartment building with a large sign that reads, "how are you really?". Also mentioned is a quote about dealing with mental health.
S4 E20 – Struggle Engaging?

Many individuals and teams haven’t felt like themselves lately. It’s been a challenging year and some have been struggling to engage. Spotting and naming mental health challenges within ourselves and our teammates will be important as we move forward, together.

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1:47 – Jason introduces Season 4 episode 20 of the podcast. Welcome back to the podcast on corporate culture and leadership and thank you for listening. We engage thought leaders like CEOs, CFOs, managers, VPs, directors, and more for this podcast. We wish to create content that engages your mind and heart and allows you to step back and think and add some positivity to your life. This podcast is about how the pandemic has and will continue to affect our mental health and a serious discussion of how to communicate with our teams and organizations about it.

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3:05 – We can’t control everything but what we can control is our response. Still a lot of work to do but wanted to remind the audience what is within our control is the temperature we create in the organizations and teams we work with. If you have a suggestion, please send to

4:18 – Jason names that feeling that so many feel now, languishing, or lull feeling drained. Perhaps you are looking at your days through a foggy windshield. A sense of stagnation, a sense of emptiness. Psychologists are trying to predict and evaluate the impact on mental health that the pandemic will have on people. Jason starts a serious conversation about mental health during the pandemic and as we begin to leave or enter this new stage of the closing of the pandemic chapter as more people are vaccinated.

Dive into the craft of what you care about, from your business, music, your hobby, bring focus to that. Celebrate small wins, the small things. Make more time to laugh.

8:40 – Mental health is a spectrum and not just depression or feeling great. Jason talks about the nuances of mental health and where people can fall in the spectrum during these times.

16:35 – Corey Keyes, Sociologist, talks about the idea of languishing as the mood of 2021. Many people will say that they aren’t really bad or good but are not as present as they used to be in everyday life. It is important to be aware of where we are so that we can get help if needed to avoid further pitfalls.

21:01 – Jason talks about an alternative view that people might also feel that they are in a period of being dormant. Sometimes as leaders, we need to create space to be dormant for that which is waiting to be activated.

23:35 – There are many people in our teams, or families, or organizations that may be feeling many different ways right now and that is okay. Today’s conversation is about being open and honest and transparent. If you want to comment or share your story with us please do so wherever you may find this podcast. Join the conversation.

30:40 – What is the next project, the next initiative? Bringing people together around one core mission helps everyone involved and gives purpose. How do we all matter in bringing it to life? What is your mission? We need to carve out dedicated time that we can give towards something that we care about. Dive into the craft of what you care about, from your business, music, your hobby, bring focus to that. Celebrate small wins, the small things. Make more time to laugh. More time to dream about the future we want to create.

Questions to ponder:

  1. Take inventory of how you have been feeling lately. What habits or routines might be contributing to that lull that you have been feeling?
  2. Who is it that you can connect with?
  3. How can you carve out time to give focus to something in your life that matters to you that lights you up?
  4. What small wins are happening around you?

Remember, the best leaders, teams, & cultures stimulate progress by recalibrating their thermostat together. Raise the bar to be co-creators in the future we want to be a part of.

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A thermostat is proactive. It sets the temperature in a room. Controls the temperature. Regulates the temperature. But in today’s distracted, fast-paced and digital world, it’s easy for individuals and organizations to act more like thermometers, slipping into reactionary thinking, becoming scattered and inconsistent. The most compelling leaders, teams, organizations, families or collection of humans of any kind operate in thermostat mode. They calibrate their mind and heart to set the temperature for the vision and culture they want to create. Jason Barger, globally celebrated author, keynote speaker, and founder of Step Back Leadership Consulting, is the host of The Thermostat, a podcast journey to discover authentic leadership, create compelling cultures and find clarity of mission, vision, and values.