Season 5 Episode 7: Leading in the Age of Rage

A lightning bolt signifies rage as this episode's title is Leadership in the age of rage. Zeus and the ancient gods used lightning bolts to signify the power and rage of the gods long ago.
Season 5 Episode 7: Leading in the Age of Rage

The world has experienced a lot of trauma, stress, divide, and angst over the last couple of years. Statistics and trends would suggest that we might be living and working in the Age of Rage. Leaders can deploy 5 strategies to help care for people along the way.

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1:47 – Jason introduces Season 5 episode 7 of the podcast, Leading in the Age of Rage. Welcome back to the podcast on corporate culture and leadership and thank you for listening. We engage thought leaders like CEOs, CFOs, managers, VPs, directors, and more for this podcast. We wish to create content that engages your mind and heart and allows you to step back and think and add some positivity to your life. We deep dive into today’s topic.

2:20 – We can’t control everything but what we can control is our response. Still a lot of work to do but wanted to remind the audience what is within our control is the temperature we create in the organizations and teams we work with. If you have a suggestion, please send it to

3:00 – Please leave a review for the podcast It really helps the podcast to spread these messages out into the world. Please share this podcast with your organization, on your team, or in your life to help spread these messages. Thank you!

3:30 – This season we have been talking about “the future of work” as leaders are managing the transition “back to work” in a physical space and alongside virtual work. Listen to Part I and the Future of Work. Check out the big shift and The Great Resignation episode PART II here. We also talked about the importance of emotional intelligence in a 2 part series.

The nerves have been exposed, we are living in the age of rage because of the trauma over the last few years.

4:45 – Jason talks about the “age of rage” & what that means to leaders to manage and lead teams and organizations during these times. It is time to be honest and to tackle the hard topics head-on as Jason explains what this means to lead today.

7:47 – Divorce rates are up 34% year over year, people are reporting all-time highs in feelings of loneliness. 7.6 million people in April and May up and quit their jobs. It isn’t difficult to see dissension and discomfort in the media today; our nerves are exposed. As leaders, we need to think about how to bring our own response and how to navigate all these factors with our teams to be effective.

10:46 – The teams that are focused on employee engagement are seeing results. They are between 2-5x more likely to hit targets, delight customers, and have higher retention, and win more awards. Emotional intelligence is more important than ever to understand what people are going through during these times and how to navigate these waters together.

14:10 – Listen here for some important tips on healthy leading. Jason talks about how important it is to step back and take a deep breath. We need to create space for ourselves and others. As our own temperatures might raise, we need to take a step back and check our emotions. Are they representative of the big picture? When our nerves are exposed we often have a knee-jerk reaction or response to something that really isn’t the issue.

16:30 – Jason tells a story of two wolves, the good wolf or the bad wolf. Which wolf that fights inside of us wins? Whichever one we feed. Take care of ourselves and other people. We also need to enter into dialogue so that the bad wolf does not win.

Questions to Ponder

  1. Where do you feel pressure and angst right now?
  2. How can you create time and space for yourself and your team?
  3. What temperature are you committed to set as an individual and as a team?

Remember, the best leaders, teams, & cultures stimulate progress by recalibrating their thermostat together.

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A thermostat is proactive. It sets the temperature in a room. Controls the temperature. Regulates the temperature. But in today’s distracted, fast-paced and digital world, it’s easy for individuals and organizations to act more like thermometers, slipping into reactionary thinking, becoming scattered and inconsistent. The most compelling leaders, teams, organizations, families, or collection of humans of any kind operate in thermostat mode. They calibrate their mind and heart to set the temperature for the vision and culture they want to create. Jason Barger, globally celebrated author, keynote speaker, and founder of Step Back Leadership Consulting, is the host of The Thermostat, a podcast journey to discover authentic leadership, create compelling cultures and find clarity of mission, vision, and values.