Why Do Change Initiatives Fail?

Why do most change initiatives fail?

We say we want to change. We begin an initiative to lead positive change. We want to improve our culture, but we don’t seem to make much progress. So why do most change initiatives fail?

Chances are…

  • your team is moving too quickly and expecting things to change overnight
  • your team might not have a clear vision for how they want the future to be different
  • your team might not have a sustainable plan to lead change over the long haul
  • your team might not have selected ambassadors that are clear on their role to lead the change
  • OR, you might just be losing sight of the longer-view and bailing out on the 6A process for leading change too early

Leading change in your culture is not a drive-thru experience, but it does take a commitment and conviction to follow an engaging process. You’ve heard me talk about the 6A Process for Leading Change before, but it often is so tempting to skip a step or not see it through. The most effective cultures are the ones who stay consistent and anchored in the process over time!

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Good luck on the next leg of your journey! Don’t hesitate if you need support along the way.

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Jason BargerJason Barger is the globally celebrated author of Step Back from the Baggage Claim, ReMember, and the newly released book Thermostat Cultures, as well as a coveted keynote speaker and leadership consultant. More importantly, he’s striving to be an above average father, husband, and friend.

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