Thermostat Cultures

Thermostat Cultures


Thermostat Cultures is a must-read for anyone leading a group of any kind or for someone who desires to be a compelling participant on a high-performing team.

Every human being on the planet is a part of a team of some kind. A team at work. A team at home. A team at school. A team at your church or the community organization that you’re passionate about. Or literally, a team that is competing together on some playing field somewhere.

Why do some teams with similar talent levels succeed and others simply maintain?

Why are some families more connected while others are pulling in opposite directions?

Why do some teachers have thriving classrooms and others do not?

Why do some companies expand with excitement and others limp along?


The best leaders and groups of any kind engage the minds and hearts of their people and proactively shape the culture for HOW they move, together.

So, why Thermostat Cultures?

A thermometer just reads the temperature in a room. It is reactionary and all it does is tell you the temperature.

A thermostat sets the temperature, regulates the temperature, controls the temperature. Thermostats proactively initiate positive change into the culture.

Many teams and leaders get stuck in “Thermometer Mode” where there is no clarity on what they are trying to create together and all they do is react to external conditions. The best teams and organizations have clarity on the culture they desire and proactively set the temperature for how they think, act and interact. With greater alignment comes greater impact.

Thermostat Cultures is about the proactive process the best leaders and teams lead in order to inspire and engage the people around them.

What temperature will you set with the people in your life and career?

[us_testimonial style=”4″ author=”Howard Behar” company=”former President, STARBUCKS COFFEE”]Culture is not a side priority on high-performing teams. It is EVERYTHING. Jason Barger is right on in his approach to people, alignment and values. His spirit and work is infectious and highly-valuable. Thermostat Cultures is a must read.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial style=”4″ author=”Shane Battier” company=”2-TIME NBA WORLD CHAMPION (Miami Heat), 2001 Men’s Basketball National Champion (Duke)”]There is a common desire to be part of something larger than ourselves. In a team setting, culture is the glue that brings together like minded individuals, for better or worse. Perennial losing cultures have indifference to communication, accountability, and grit. Strong winning cultures promote these values as the lifeblood of their journey. Jason Barger’s proactive spirit and message is foundational.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial style=”4″ author=”Terry Hershey” company=”AUTHOR, The Power of Pause”]Organizations love posters with words about Values. That’s always good. But thankfully Jason Barger takes the next steps to help you live the culture you want with intentional action. Thermostat Cultures gives the reader permission to lead and to care.[/us_testimonial]

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