Breathing Oxygen

The Newest Release from Jason V. Barger:

How Positive Leadership Gives Life to Winning Cultures

Following the success of Thermostat Cultures, Jason’s fourth book focuses on 6 key leadership mindsets that give energy and focus to individuals and team cultures. Learn how positive, healthy thinking is as essential to great leadership and building a winning culture as the air we breathe. Released in August, Available Now. An Amazon Top New Release!

Leading yourself and a team of people has never been more complicated than it is today.

As a leader, every move you make is either breathing life into your organization or slowly killing it. The atmosphere can easily turn toxic, with negativity, blame, and doubt poisoning the culture.

Just like every human being on the planet needs good air to breathe, every organization needs leadership that breathes life into its people to sustain the energy required to complete its mission.

Nine out of every ten employees say they would take a pay cut to work for a more meaningful culture. Are you breathing enough oxygen into your organization to give it meaning?

Over the past decade, leadership expert Jason Barger has advised some of the world’s biggest brands—including Deloitte, Wendy’s, Caribou Coffee, Ultimate Software, Syracuse University, Nationwide Insurance, NetJets, Kaiser Permanente, and many others—on how to engage the minds and hearts of their people.

In Breathing Oxygen, Barger explores six key mindsets—Clarity, Inclusivity, Agility, Grit, Rest, and Ownership—that bring energy to every team and expand their productivity and your organization’s potential.

Every winning team breathes in good oxygen that fuels their mindsets and culture. Jason Barger’s message is refreshing and needed to build healthy teams.

Positive leadership and positive cultures are needed more than ever. There are people who breathe life into every relationship, room, and team, and also those who steal the oxygen and energy. Thanks to Jason for breathing good oxygen into others!

Servant Leadership is about giving energy and care to others and a mission greater than self. The best cultures breathe oxygen into the mindsets of their people in alignment with their values. Jason Barger’s work and spirit continue to give energy to me and countless teams in the world.

Behaviors such as agility, grit, empathy, and inclusivity have never been more essential and more valued in the workplace. Jason Barger’s six key mindsets highlight the behaviors that propel great leaders and drive great cultures.

Culture and values are the air we breathe. They are things we never stop working on, developing, and sharing with each other. Jason Barger is on target again that leaders and all associates breathe life into winning cultures!

It’s clear from the research that meaningful cultures don’t just magically happen. They are co-created by leaders and people who breathe intentional oxygen into their habits, practices, structures, and operations. Jason Barger’s insights for developing leaders and cultures are foundational!

Positive cultures lift each other up and are able to be honest and authentic, seek possibilities, and exhibit grit to find solutions. The best teams are vulnerable with each other and still find optimism for the future. Thank you, Jason!

The mindsets we breathe every day as human beings impact the people and leaders we become in our organizations and in the world. To become more inclusive and accountable to one another, breathing good oxygen is critical. Thank you, Jason Barger!

The Latin definition of inspire is ‘to breathe life into,’ which is exactly what Jason’s latest leadership masterpiece Breathing Oxygen will do for your business, your team, and your life. Prepare yourself for a journey of personal and professional transformation.

Creating cultures of inclusivity, grit, and ownership that lift people up and make us all better is needed. Our job as leaders is to breathe good oxygen into ourselves and everyone around us. Jason’s message and work are contagious in the good ways!

Employee engagement is a direct response to feeling loved, respected, valued, and supported. Thriving cultures are committed to supporting life-affirming environments where people can do their best work. Breathing in this good oxygen makes everything healthier, better, and more resilient.

Jason highlights the key leadership mindsets behind every significant impact that is made in the world by individuals, teams, organizations, and communities: clarity, inclusivity, agility, grit, rest, and ownership. As Jason shares, our mindsets and actions impact everything.

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Every human being on the planet is a part of a team of some kind. A team at work. A team at home. A team at school. A team at your church or the community organization that you’re passionate about. Or literally, a team that is competing together on some playing field somewhere.

Why do some teams with similar talent levels succeed and others simply maintain? Why are some families more connected while others are pulling in opposite directions? Why do some teachers have thriving classrooms and others do not? Why do some companies expand with excitement and others limp along?


The best leaders and groups of any kind engage the minds and hearts of their people and proactively shape the culture for HOW they move, together. Thermostat Cultures is about the proactive process the best leaders and teams lead in order to inspire and engage the people around them. What temperature will you set with the people in your life and career?


ReMember is about coming alive and engaging in your life and work. Are you busy or effective? In a highly distracting world, it’s difficult to remember your highest priorities. The most successful individuals and groups go through the intentional process to ReMember — renew and recommit to the most important memberships in their lives. This book is an inspiring and thought-provoking journey that will enhance your team at work, your entire company, your marriage, friendships, or the membership organizations you serve. Join and share this powerful conversation! ReMember is the second motivational book written by Jason Barger and has been very successful connecting with teams and organizations looking to impact change in their life and work.

Step Back from the Baggage Claim

Jason Barger spent seven straight days flying 6,458 miles to seven different cities – without leaving the airports the entire time. He studied 10,000 minutes of observations at all four corners of the U.S. and reflected on how our airport experiences can teach us about our lives TODAY. The airport metaphor leaps to life through profound anecdotes about an orphanage in Mexico, a summer camp in Ohio, bamboo, the homeless, climbing Mt. Everest, a hotdog grill, and much more. The funny and inspiring stories remind us how to change our daily world in our personal lives, businesses, schools and faith communities! Join the movement. All four editions of Step Back from the Baggage Claim are motivational books perfect for anyone looking to impact change in their life and work.

Step Back From The Baggage Claim - Original Edition Book
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