Season 5 Episode 3: Your Building Is NOT Your Culture

Season 5 Episode 3: Your Building Is NOT Your Culture, image of office space with 2 people working closely together at office desk.
Season 5 Episode 3: Your Building Is NOT Your Culture

Let’s be clear about something as we discuss “The Future of Work,” Your Building Is Not Your Culture! Physical environments provide wonderful advantages to culture (or disadvantages), but your culture is not the building. It’s the ecosystem of the Thinking, Acting and Interacting of the humans inside and outside the walls. 

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1:47 – Jason introduces Season 5 episode 3 of the podcast, Your Building Is NOT Your Culture. Welcome back to the podcast on corporate culture and leadership and thank you for listening. We engage thought leaders like CEOs, CFOs, managers, VPs, directors, and more for this podcast. We wish to create content that engages your mind and heart and allows you to step back and think and add some positivity to your life. We deep dive into today’s topic.

3:05 – We can’t control everything but what we can control is our response. Still a lot of work to do but wanted to remind the audience what is within our control is the temperature we create in the organizations and teams we work with. If you have a suggestion, please send it to

4:00 – Please leave a review for the podcast It really helps the podcast to spread these messages out into the world. Please share this podcast with your organization, on your team, or in your life to help spread these messages. Thank you!

5:00 – Part III of the series Navigating “the future of work” as leaders are managing the transition “back to work” in a physical space and alongside virtual work. Listen to Part I and the Future of Work. Check out the big shift and The Great Resignation episode PART II here. 

Your culture is NOT your building. It’s the thinking, acting, or interacting that takes place inside those walls and beyond.

5:15 – Jason talks about the “future of work” & the importance of culture in the workplace. Going over what the current landscape looks like as this shift is happening.

7:15 – Your culture is NOT your building. They help enhance or in some cases detract from culture but your building is not your culture. So what is our culture? Jason goes over that in today’s episode. Spaces are very powerful and thinking about aesthetics and the buildings do enhance culture and help create an environment or they can actually hurt the organization or detract from what is actually happening in the culture. This episode is not about buildings but it is about looking beyond and understand that the culture is the ecosystem of thinking, acting, interacting that takes place within those walls or outside of those walls. It’s not physical but is created by the way we move or think of the mission, vision, and values. Then about the actual actions taking place and how we show up at the job.

13:20 – Listen to the 10 principles of meaningful work cultures podcast here for more insights from today’s episode. The research is saying that 9 out of 10 people would take a paycut to work for a more meaningful work culture. Jason talks about the search for talent going on now and the Great Resignation Episode. Record numbers of people quitting, 7.6 million people in April and May 2021 resigned and 41% is considering leaving their job. So how do we capture people’s attention and see the leadership is helping them create something special? Jason dives into this today.

18:10 – Jason talks about what leaders can do to create a culture that is impactful and offer a mission that is greater than ourselves. Here are a few things that leaders must do right now

  1. Connect with your people. Reach out, go to them to serve, open the doors and serve. Empathize with people and show that you are there with them.
  2. Provide clarity around the mission. What is the big picture, why do we exist? What is the vision?
  3. Involve your people. People want to participate. You are an important piece of this! Return and relook and revitalize in a participatory process to drive the culture you want to drive to the future.
  4. Follow it up with action. What are the next actions that need to happen to make the culture stronger?

23:30 – Jason talks about what the powerful impacts that companies get as a return on investment when leaders and organizations invest in their culture and people.

Questions to Ponder

  1. What are you doing to build trust in those authentic relationships with people?
  2. Is it clear? The mission, vision, and values language, is it clear?
  3. Have you brought your people into participation?

Remember, the best leaders, teams, & cultures stimulate progress by recalibrating their thermostat together.

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A thermostat is proactive. It sets the temperature in a room. Controls the temperature. Regulates the temperature. But in today’s distracted, fast-paced and digital world, it’s easy for individuals and organizations to act more like thermometers, slipping into reactionary thinking, becoming scattered and inconsistent. The most compelling leaders, teams, organizations, families, or collection of humans of any kind operate in thermostat mode. They calibrate their mind and heart to set the temperature for the vision and culture they want to create. Jason Barger, globally celebrated author, keynote speaker, and founder of Step Back Leadership Consulting, is the host of The Thermostat, a podcast journey to discover authentic leadership, create compelling cultures and find clarity of mission, vision, and values.