The Thermostat Season 2 Ep 4: Interview with Govindh Jayaraman & Stefanie Jackson: Paper Napkin Wisdom + Generational Connection

If you had one message to share on a paper napkin with the world, what would you share? What do different generations want today? This engaging interview with author and serial entrepreneur, Govindh Jayaraman, and generational expert, Stefanie Jackson, challenges us all to think about the power of connection, focus, and feedback.


1:22 – Jason introduces Stephanie Jackson on how to connect and bridge the hearts and minds of millennials.

2:00 – Jason introduces Govindh Jayaraman who helps entrepreneurs accelerate their growth and started Paper Napkin Wisdom podcast.

3:00 – Govindh shares what would be on the back of his paper napkin. He shares a story of accountability and how important that is.

5:00 – How culture in an organization needs to be managed. Team leaders set culture with their thoughts words and actions.

6:23 – Stephanie talks about Thermostat Cultures event and what it means to drive the business forward through leadership and culture.

7:40 – How do we understand and engage the hearts and minds of millennials, Stephanie talks about how to engage and connect with millennials.

9:25 – Govindh shares his failures in business with Jason and what that means to succeed through his experience. Manta: make it bad, make it better. Trust 2.0 and what that means for leadership and more.

12:33 – Jason asks, Where should your focus go? What are you going to put into practice next? Stephanie shares how important feedback and coaching is for growth.

14:50 – Nothing happens without practice. Every local high school team is better run than our business because they practice before they play the game. We need to practice and get feedback and focus.

19:08 – Jason asks what do millennials want? Stephanie answers from her research: there are three key things, connection, purpose, and feedback. An interesting point of mass change that has occurred with millennials from technology, to industry, to social media that has affected their lives and asking the question are they good enough?

23:15 – Jason asks, who doesn’t want purpose, connection, and feedback? A discussion grows about the annual review and how poor that is to evaluate that product or team.

25:40 – Stephanie talks about solutions to these problems that companies can use to grow feedback and connection.

27:03 – Jason challenges the audience to implement these actions discussed to improve their culture for the company. What’s need right now of our leadership in the world?

Questions to ponder:

  1. What is a bias toward action for you?
  2. What is the next action that you will take for you, for the team?
  3. What does this mean for the world?
  4. What will you make happen after listening to this podcast?

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