Step Back from the Baggage Claim Movement

How the journey began

In 2008, Jason Barger quit his job. He decided to fly 6,548 miles, live in seven different airports, and soak in 10,000 minutes observing humanity. The result? A globally celebrated book and a leadership movement that began to spread around the world.

The air travel metaphor and inspiring stories launched the Step Back From The Baggage Claim Movement rooted in servant leadership, gratitude, compassion, creativity, and social responsibility. As a collaborative partner for teams and organizations, the Movement continues! Barger delivers over 50 keynote speeches and workshops around the world annually on the topics of leadership, culture, service, innovation and mission/vision. He is a motivational speaker with a message that continues to spread around the world.

As founder of Step Back Leadership Consulting LLC, Jason Barger’s work has been featured worldwide by the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post, International Herald Tribune and Kiplinger. The success of his first book, Step Back From the Baggage Claim: Change the World, Start at the Airport, inspired collaborations with Howard Behar, former President of Starbucks Coffee, as well as the the current Dean of the Dartmouth Medical School, Dr. Chip Souba. His latest book, ReMember: renewing our memberships, relationships and focus in a distracting world, sold out within days on Amazon. A highly sought-after speaker and consultant, Barger lends his life experiences and talent as a dynamic storyteller, keynote speaker, and motivational speaker with the goal to help individuals and organizations Step Back and ReMember their highest priorities. Join the Movement.