Are Your Messages Accurate, Clear and Connected?

We live in a storytelling world.

We tell stories all day long by the way we dress, the way we enter a room, our body language during the meeting, the way we speak to those we encounter, and every time we hit send on the next email or social media post. We send messages all day long to those around us and sometimes the messages aren’t telling the story we’d hope for.

Are your messages accurate, clear and connected?

Are they accurate—are the messages being sent factual and truthful?

Are they clear—are the messages understandable and coherent?

Are they connected—are the messages aligned with a greater mission or purpose?

The best leaders, as well as the most effective teams and organizations, share stories that are accurate, clear and connected. They communicate messages that are factual, coherent, and aligned with the greater mission of why the group has gathered. The most compelling groups of any kind understand that their words, their stories, their messages reverberate throughout their culture. They understand that language drives behavior and therefore, their messages better be accurate, clear and connected.

Are your messages accurate, clear and connected?

What stories are you telling? What messages are being sent on your team or in your company?

What ripples do you want to spread throughout your culture? What messages do you want to lead your group forward?

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